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Breastfeeding Guidelines
Mixing Breastfeeding and Alcohol part 1
Mixing Alcohol and Breastfeeding part 2
Pregnancy and Alcohol

Safe sleep with your baby
Bed sharing with your baby
Co-sleeping with Your baby
Caring for baby at night
Crib safety information from Health Canada
Normal newborn behaviour
General Newborn Care
Common Variations in the Newborn
Never Shake a Baby

Homebirth- Ontario Midwives

When your pregnancy goes past your due date
Caffeine, anti-depressants, cough and cold medicatons: is it safe for my baby
Nausea and Vomiting During Pregnancy
How to survive morning sickness successfully

Non-invasive Prenatal Testing
Understanding genetic screening tests in pregnancy

Starting Solids for Your baby from Six Months to One Year
Healthy Eating for a Healthy Baby
The Sensible Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

Food safety in pregnancy
Listeria and Food Safety
Eating fish during pregnancy
Safe Fish consumption in pregnancy

Thinking about VBAC: Deciding what’s right for me
What Every Pregnant woman needs to know about Cesearean section
The Risks of Cesarean Section

PAP tests and cervical cancer screening
What does Abnormal PAP means?
Healthy Lifestyle after Gestational Diabetes
Gestational Diabetes

Postpartum Care for Mothers
Postpartum Adjustment, Blues and Depression
Postpartum Depression
1 in 5 mothers will have a postpartum mood disorder

Life after a Postpartum Hemorrhage

Pregnancy after age 35
In Due Time-Pregnancy Beyond 40 and Induction of Labour

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

Preterm Labour signs and symptoms

Sexuality After The Baby’s Birth A Couple’s Relationship
Postnatal Exercises After a Vaginal Birth

Fifth’s Disease: Parvovirus B19
CMV infection in pregnancy
Fetal Kick Counts
Leg Cramps in Pregnancy

Iron Deficiency Anemia/Iron rich foods

College of Midwives of Ontario Consultation and Transfer of Care document