Home Birth Supplies

  • 1 small unopened bottle of olive oil (for perineum during birth)
  • 8 large garbage bags (6 to cover the pillows, 1 for used linen, 1 for garbage)
  • 1 large plastic fitted sheet, paint drop sheet or old shower curtain to cover the bed
  • If no fitted sheet, then 8 diaper pins, safety pins or duct tape
  • 6 pillows (for comfort)
  • 1 large hand held flashlight with new batteries or good bright lamp (i.e. goose neck type)
  • 2 medium sized basins, bowls or pots
  • 1 gel-pack or bag of frozen peas
  • 1 portable space heater (as needed)
  • Food for the mother and partner
  • 1 box of “Incontinence” pads or long “Overnight” sanitary pads (without special surface, eg. not Always brand)
  • *home birth package available from midwifery practice at 36 weeks with underpads, peribottle and registration forms*
  • rectangular tray or cookie sheet
  • Oral Adult Gravol 50mg
  • Hand soap and towels

Optional Birth Items

  • Large comfortable T-shirt or nightie for labour
  • Warm socks (2 pairs)
  • Hot water bottle / heating pad
  • Disposable underwear
  • Straws that bend
  • Camera and film
  • Fan (for summer)
  • Music
  • Lip balm
  • Juice or sweetened herb tea frozen in ice cube trays

Linen for Birth

  • 6 pillow cases
  • 4 old towels
  • 2 sheets
  • 8 old wash cloths, 2 baby hats, cotton pull-on
  • 8–12 baby flannelette receiving blankets

Preparation of Linen

The linens are for use during the birth, so you may want to use older items. Machine wash and rinse in hot water. Machine dry thoroughly (when dry to touch, leave in for an additional 10 minutes) Fold and store in a clean place.

Preparation of Birth Bed and Pillows

In early labour, put a clean bottom sheet on the bed, then cover it with the plastic sheet. Finally, put the other clean sheet over the plastic sheet. Pin down the corner with diaper pins. Put pillows into garbage bags and tie or tape closed then puncture the bag to release the air. Fit into pillowcases and pin the open end with diaper pins.

Please collect and store all birth supplies together (e.g. box, laundry hamper or drawer)