Midwife Monday: Meet Wonder Wendy

Welcome to our second edition of Midwife Monday.  This week we meet the small but mighty Midwife Wendy Wong.  Wendy has been with NDRV since 2007 after graduating from the midwifery program at McMaster University (which we’ve mostly forgiven her for!).


Wendy Wong Midwife Extraordinaire


How did you first learn about midwifery as a profession?

In high school, when I told myself I wanted to change birth and birth experiences. Definitely naivety in the play at the time but it was mostly inspired by my own birth mother’s story about her contrasty different experiences with my eldest sibling and myself. When giving birth in a foreign country at the time (Canada), she felt at times insulted and diminished as a woman because of Western medical practice surrounding childbirth.

What is your favourite part of being a midwife?

I love the sight of seeing a head full of hair on a baby. Bald ones are cute too, but a head full of hair always puts a smile on my face.

What is the hardest part of being a midwife?

The hours.

Many midwives have additional jobs or volunteer roles, what is yours? How do you make it work with being a midwife?

I read at my kids’ school. I do it when I can and it works sometimes.

If you knew you were about to have your last meal, what would you order?

SUSHI with Saag paneer for dipping sauce. Yes, strange.

Coffee or tea?  Beer or wine?  Kimmel or Fallon?

Tea. Wine and Kimmel, All in that order!

What do you hope to do when you retire?

Play and feed tons of candy to my grandkids and then send them home to their parents.

Tell us something about you that we don’t know or would surprise us.

I went to three tapings of Canadian Idol back when it aired and was purposely reassigned seating to be behind the host of the show (??Mulroney smthg) so they could show diversity? in the audience. It was very perplexing, They specifically scanned the room and went YOU.

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