Trick or Tummy – 10 great Hallowe’en costumes for your bump

Halloween is only a week away and we love it at NDRV!  Here are some of our favourite belly-dressing ideas from around the interwebs.  Make sure to check out our Instagram on the day to see your midwives in costume.  And don’t forget to show us your costume ideas too.


10.  If being pregnant makes you feel like the glittery center of the party (or even if it doesn’t), why not be a disco ball?

Hide your belly inside a disco ball

9. The tentacles could make the never-ending bathroom trips a little… sticky!

Octopus costume for pregnant belly


8.  We are a little concerned about this baby’s breech position.

Pregnant skeleton halloween

7. STAR WARS alert!  Who doesn’t want a Baby BB8?  (Our Midwife Liz would, she’s a HUGE Star Wars fan!)

Star Wars themed pregnancy costume


6. For our globe-trotting families.

world map pregnant belly costume


5. Oh the places you’ll go with a Dr. Seuss Halloween costume.

Dr Seuss inspired halloween costume


4. Because let’s face it, it really does feel like they’re trying to punch their way out.

Fetus escaping spooky costume


3.  Does anyone have a quarter?  (Particularly fun for those of you with gestational diabetes!!)

Gumball machine pregnant costume idea

2. This one is a classic, but the frying pan is an extra special touch.


  1. But why stop at just a costume when you could do a whole Halloween-themed photo shoot like this couple?  See their creepy cool pumpkin patch birth that went viral and made headlines.  See their whole photo shoot here.


Couple does a halloween themed pregnancy photo shoot

Couple does a halloween themed pregnancy photo shoot

Couple takes spooky monster themed pregnancy photos


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